Our 2018 Calendar, represent 24 years of the most adorable pairing of photos and captions.


Images that tell a story.

Children are uniquely special. As an observer, my objective is to artfully depict their individual personalities and spontaneous gestures captured in situations that are both heartwarming and humorous.

Perfect captions for every moment.

Clever humorous captions reflect the children’s spontaneous moments are sure to warm your heart and bring laughter into your day.

Exclusive Look.

Sneak a peak at the 2018 calendar, through a series of images and captions.

"Girrrl... I am not one to gossip, but let me tell you something!”

“Miss Etta James, I’m comin for ya.”

“I think I have a hangover from my mama's milk."

“Ok... it's just flowers... not a ring!"

“Okay, I am so done…”

"Hmmmm... I wonder what kind of fun surprises will be waiting for me?”

"This jet-setting is exhausting."

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